Vibrance Kegel Device
Accurate Muscle Training and Active Biofeedback Through Direct Tactile Stimulation
    Dr. Kegel in his study (1948) confirms that "the first most important step to therapy is muscle education. This is directed toward establishing adequate awareness of function of the pubococcgeus..." Locating the pelvic floor muscle can be challenging and active biofeedback helps ensure accurancy of the exercise. The biofeedback is a patented system, implemented by electrical electrodes that are brought into contact when the correct muscle group is exercised. The completed electrical circuit triggers a motor which delivers a vibration pulse. This implementation ensures that the device only delivers a biofeedback when the correct muscle group is used. The vibration pulse also provides active biofeedback.
Increasing Levels of Resistances
    "Resistive exercises of this type have proved most effective in all branches of muscle therapy for the correction of disuse atrophy and for restoration of normal function." - Dr. Arnold Kegel As users' pelvic floor muscles increase in strength. the resistance can be increased in order to challenge he muscles further and continue to strengthen the muscles until an ideal strength is achieved. The Vibrance offers increasing levels of resistance. and this is done by calibrated sheaths with increasing stiffness. Coupled with the biofeedback, the resistance sheaths allow a user to know accurately if her pelvic floor muscles are being adequately strengthened, as more strength will be needed in order trigger the vibration.
Audio Guided Training
    The Vibrance Kegel Device stores a pre-programmed audio guided Kegel exercise routine. Use should contract the Pelvic Floor muscles upon hearing the beep and relax when the beeping ceases. The intervals of the audio guided training have been designed in accordance with established Kegel exercise routines to assist in both stress and urge incontinence. Each sound guidance exercise takes 4 minutes and 48 seconds.
Comfortable and Safe
    The Vibrance Kegel Device and its sheaths are made from Medical Grade Silicone Rubber of the highest specification and built for maximum comfort to ensure it doesn't harm or damage the pelvic floor muscles when exercising. The Vibrance Kegel Device sheaths are hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, waterproof, and easy to clean using the Vibrance Cleanser and water.
Compact, Lightweight and Easy to Store
    The Vibrance Kegel Device is compact, lightweight and extremely portable, and is ideal for women who are always on the go. The capsule hat protects the device is small and light, making storage convenient and space - efficient. After washing the device with the Vibrance Cleanser, simply air-dry it inside the casing. This device must be stored at room temperature.

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